Sick of your old job? Tired of desperately waiting for 5:00 p.m. to hit?

Check out us. We’re Hiring. In the words of Andy Dufresne, you’d be kind of, well, obtuse not to want to work here.


NOW INTERVIEWING: West Coast Business Development Leads & Mechanical Project Managers. Both positions have the capacity to turn into a leadership role that can only be undermined by your own limitations.

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Vince Vaughan and Lee Iacocca

Do you want to literally change the world? We’re a rapidly growing software company in NC bent on breaking some rules and redefining an industry. Take your experience to a new level and join devoted people, deep thinkers working to conscientiously build for the future.

We’re making the world a little more honest, a lot more efficient, and a lot less wasteful.

We’re hiring trailblazers, warriors, pioneers.

In the immortal words of Lee Iacocca, “we hire people brighter than us and get out of their way.” At least, we think he said that. But we sure believe it.


Business fulfills each and every one of them

Vince Vaughan approves.


Aquanomix is Hiring!

Aquanomix attracts employees who are eager to work at the forefront of the green technology and strategic water management sectors. We are currently interviewing for the position of an experienced ACCOUNTING MANAGER. We are seeking qualified candidates that want the opportunity to be part of an international product launch.  This is an immediate need.

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