California’s data center industry is a thirsty business in a parched state.

Which is one BIG reason why water quality and water volume usage monitoring 7×24 is absolutely imperative.

Data Centers and Hidden Water Use: In California, computer farms are under scrutiny for their large and growing use of water for cooling.

WSJ Link to the story by Drew Fitzgerald.



New Rep Firm: Gedmin Parker Equipment!

We are pleased to announce the addition of another manufacturer’s representative firm! Gedmin Parker Equipment will serve as a manufacturer’s rep firm for Aquanomix and will be responsible for providing solutions in Maine and Northern New Hampshire.

To date, Aquanomix has signed more than 23 rep firms across the US and Canada.

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Data Center Downtime Sucks.

Have you checked your cooling system water quality recently? It directly affects how well your system runs.

Approx. 35% of data center downtime are water related.

Downtime sucks. Especially in a data center.

What’s your Nexus Number?


DC Downtime

What is risk? – George Costanza

Risk Management 101: Even if George Costanza is in charge of your facility’s risk management, Symphony can support mitigation of critical asset failure and debilitating operational downtime.

You continuously monitor your entire building with real-time data. You monitor everything except your cooling water, correct? Let’s help you change that.

Let us ask you one question. What risk can you afford?


We know water, so you don’t have to. Continuous commissioning and real-time data of one of the most variable parts of your cooling system: water quality.


Want to boost building performance efficiency? Teach people how to better use their buildings.

This article by Sustainable Business Oregon talks about how best to boost energy efficiency by teaching people how to better use their buildings.

We can teach you how to boost your energy + WATER EFFICIENCY simply by monitoring it all the time.

Ask us how.