Aquanomix and AMIAD Water Systems join forces!

GenesisTM allows for real-time risk management

Charlotte, N.C., (January 22, 2018) … Amiad USA Inc., a global leader in water treatment and filtration solutions, and Aquanomix LLC, a technology leader pioneering the Internet of Things (IOT) in water management, announce a strategic partnership that will transform cooling tower water management.

The two companies will combine their products in GenesisTM– a hardware and software system – provides the user with a real-time risk management platform that offers greater protection for critical cooling systems. The system will increase efficiency, save costs and reduces the risks of biological activity in cooling systems. The product will be available March 1, 2018.

“Symphony GenesisTM is the first system that marries water treatment hardware with optimization software in one easy to use package” said Michael Poth, Amiad USA President. “We anticipate great interest from anyone who treats water in cooling tower installations.”

The partnership will leverage Amiad’s engineering and development capabilities and the revolutionary SymphonyTM cloud-based, water-monitoring platform

Water management programs for cooling tower systems address four key elements: scale, corrosion, microbiology, and fouling. Historically, responsibility for these critical elements has been divided between mechanical and chemical areas of discipline. Chemistry takes care of scale, corrosion, and microbiology control. Mechanical filtration removes fouling components, such as dirt and other airborne particulates, which can act as nutrient sources for microbiological organisms. GenesisTM is the first product to monitor all four elements in a single system.

“By joining forces, we have enabled our customers with an intuitive risk management platform” said Rob O’Donnell, Aquanomix CEO. “We believe this product could become the industry benchmark.”

“We’ve blended data management and proven filtration technology” added Poth. “Genesis will provide critical data to property managers, building owners, and risk managers who can expect to lower their operating costs because they have reduced water and energy use.”

Each partner plays a key role in production and distribution. Amiad makes the complete skids – piping, filtration, pumps, and more – for the system. Aquanomix provides sensors and hardware for the monitoring system and the software. Customers can purchase Symphony GenesisTM through the Aquanomix distribution network. Support for software is through Aquanomix’s Davidson, NC headquarters, and on-site support of the system is provided by both companies.


About Amiad

Amiad USA Inc. is the North American branch of Amiad Water Systems, a leading producer of automatic, self-cleaning water treatment and filtration products and systems. Through its engineering skills and ability to innovate, Amiad provides cost-effective, green solutions for the industrial, municipal, irrigation, oil and gas, and ballast water markets. In these segments, its patented products are being integrated into the core of systems for filtration and water treatment, micro-irrigation, membrane protection, wastewater and potable water treatment, cooling systems, and sea water filtration.

Headquartered in Mooresville, N.C., Amiad USA Inc.provides these solutions through a comprehensive network of distributors to customers throughout North America.

About Aquanomix

Aquanomix is an environmental technology company that delivers water optimization and energy-saving platforms for water-based systems. Aquanomix has pioneered the emerging water reuse market in the U.S. marketplace. The company is best known for its Nexus Number, which delivers the building’s water quality and heat exchanger efficiency data into a single portal, straight to the building’s owners and operators.

Headquartered in Davidson, N.C., Aquanomix developed the SymphonyTM platform to explore, define, and predict intrinsic relationships among environmental, operating, and economic factors that drive cooling water generation through real-time data aggregation and analysis.

Amiad: Michael Poth, President – 704-501-7605
Aquanomix: Rob O’Donnell, CEO – 704-634-3951