You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Symphony™ is an intelligent water quality and energy efficiency software solution.
Featuring a single benchmark called the Nexus Number that represents the overall efficiency of a cooling system.


• Reduce potential of CapEx failure
• Manage OpEx efficiency
• Benchmark enterprise portfolio
• Validate regulatory compliance
• 7×24 continuous commissioning
• Strengthen sustainability initiatives


symphony brochure


• Benchmarking for risk management professionals, building owners and operators
• Tools for optimizing water + energy usage in evaporative cooling systems
• Daily Nexus Number updates
• Continuous commissioning of critical control points
• Open protocol software platform allows for easy system integration
• Cloud-based, 24/7 remote accessibility
• Advanced data analytics for system diagnostics and trending capabilities
• Scale, corrosion, microbiological, and fouling performance data points
• Incorporates atmospheric condition data

The key performance indicators within the Nexus Number include:

• Water Quality Data
• Water Efficiency Data
• Heat Exchanger Efficiency Data


The value in a technology that marries energy and water quality data is powerful. It reveals transparency of operating costs and water quality management at such a granular level. The data supports swift and intelligent decision-making processes, which can save money and improve outcomes in performance.

Facilities managers, enterprise managers, building owners, the powers-that-be expect, and usually require, a veritable return on their investment in data – information that empowers them to make the right decisions. Data and knowledge provide power – understanding how and why heat exchangers are functioning at any given moment is powerful. Combining that previously disparate knowledge of the cooling system operations is priceless.