Even if George Costanza is in charge of your facility’s risk management, Symphony can support mitigation of critical asset failure and debilitating operational downtime. You continuously monitor your entire building with real-time data. You monitor everything except your cooling water. One question. What risk can you afford? Symphony: continuous commissioning and real-time data of one of the most variable parts of your cooling system: water quality. We know water, so you don’t have to.


Yo! Unless you’ve been living without a smartphone or a clue, you’re aware that we’re running out of water. (25% statewide water mandatory reduction in Cali – wake up!) Effective July 2015, LEED v4 will give significant opportunity for our products to help lead you to LEED credits. Our products can significantly reduce the amount of water and energy used in evaporative cooling systems, which can lead to a reduced carbon footprint for your building. Save water! Be a global citizen!


We are a rapidly growing technology company in Charlotte, NC bent on breaking some rules and redefining an industry. Take your experience to a new level and join devoted people and deep thinkers working to conscientiously build for the future. We’re making the world a little more honest, a lot more efficient, and a lot less wasteful. We’re hiring trailblazers, warriors and pioneers. In the immortal words of Lee Iacocca, “we hire people brighter than us and get out of their way.” At least, we think he said that. But we sure believe it.